“I saw Chad following a clavicle injury and surgery. I had phenomenal improvement in pain I had been told by physical and massage therapy was permanent. I was surprised by his knowledge base, professionalism, bedside manner, flexibility in thinking and unique skill set. He takes the time to understand the problem.”

“After spending five months in physical therapy without results, this helped quickly stabilize and relieve pain in my shoulder and allowed me to return to my season and win the state championship. Chad is very helpful and knowledgeable and [MAT] is very effective.”

Chad and MAT really helped me during my playing days in Indianapolis.

Frank Gore

NFL’s Third All-Time Leading Rusher

My Son Would Be Suffering

Top of Their Game

“MAT has been a major part of my preparation and rehabilitation since I have been in the NFL. As a professional athlete, it’s important to surround yourself with a team of experts to keep the body firing on all cylinders. I am grateful to have been directed towards Chad and for all he’s done for me.”

“I’ve known Chad for a long time, first as my trainer during the years I was racing in the Indy 500. I continued to work with him when he became certified with MAT and continue to see him whenever I have an injury or a problem with some part of my body. As an athlete I trust him and appreciate his no nonsense approach.”

“Chad was an integral part of my quest for the gold! I would recommend Chad to any athlete or nonathlete who is trying to perform or function at their very best!.”

“I had shoulder pain due to overuse. I was a little skeptical before my first appointment, but after the first session I was extremely happy and couldn’t wait to go back. My shoulder felt better than ever playing tennis. I would tell someone considering MAT to go right now!”

I refer My Athletes

I Had Tried Everything

“I was in extreme pain and couldn’t sleep due to a herniated disk in my neck. I’ve had issues with my neck for several years and have never had results this fast. Even with an excellent physical therapist, it took me months to get back to a “stable” condition”. The most surprising part about the treatment is how fast it works. I am impressed with Chad’s honesty. He is interested in treating you and releasing you when it’s time. Unlike other types of treatment that may result in an unending cycle, MAT looks to resolve the problem.”

Rebecca L .


“I had tried everything for the pain in my lower legs and feet prior to seeing Chad. I was floored that treatment was effective and almost immediately! I have since sent several friends and family members including my husband and two sons. I always tell people it’s money well spent.”




Lisa S.


“After being evaluated by a neurologist, chiropractor, and physical therapist with only minimal results, I was willing to seek out other approaches that may help me get back to my baseline. Within just a few weeks of routine treatments, I noticed my strength and mobility returning, along with decreased shoulder and back pain. Chad instantly was able to identify the problem with a well-planned treatment plan that led to my full recovery.”



“The results I got were outstanding. I went from having pain doing daily activities like walking and going up the stairs, to in less than two weeks fully running with no pain. It was almost like a miracle as the pain instantly went away and I was able to get back to playing soccer. I would recommend any athlete completing physical therapy to make sure they had MAT to prevent future injuries.”

Abby J.

MAC Conference Soccer

My Pain Went Away