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Sarah’s passion is helping others live healthier and happier lives. She does so with her unique blend of being a Full Body Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialist, a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Why MAT? Quite simply, it changed her life. In 20+ years of chronic knee issues, she tried everything with little relief… until getting MAT treatment showed there was new hope for herself and others who’ve resigned to living with pain. She was convinced she had to pursue MAT certification to offer this amazing tool to others, and today continues working on Mastery-level courses.

A graduate of Taylor University, Sarah holds a degree in Athletic Training. She is an active member of the National Athletic Trainers Association and the Indiana Athletic Trainers Association. She also holds a certification in Emergency Response for the Athlete (ERA).

Also an active coach and trainer, Sarah works with athletes of all types, from elite to weekend warriors. As an outdoor enthusiast, wife and mother of three teenagers, she’s committed to helping everyone live an active and pain free life.

What Sarah’s Clients Say

Whether it’s a 24-hour solo event or a 4-stage point to point ride through the desert, I put my body through a lot to be ready. Sarah’s ability to prepare me for an event and restore me after is like magic. Of even greater value perhaps, is [she] truly understands the motivations and routines of athletes and knows how to translate that into practical useful direction that improves my outcomes!

Brad L.

I’ve been using MAT since 2013 after I hurt my back deadlifting… The science made sense to me as a fitness professional… I continued to use MAT up to finding Sarah in 2021… I’ve been going ever since for tune-ups. Sarah is as genuine as they come. She’s a great listener, she cares deeply about her clients, and she’s phenomenal at MAT.  I’m grateful [my wife and I] found someone we can trust to help us stay in the game. 

Bryan M.

Sarah helped my chronic low back pain go away, and is helping work through some wrist and elbow issues. I do CrossFit and am very hard on my body, I had been going to a chiropractor, but it wasn’t helping. MAT has helped a ton and I’m so glad I found Sarah! [She] knows her stuff, and cares about figuring out what’s causing the source of pain and disfunction. I would highly recommend her services! 

Missy M.

Sarah’s insight and care are second to none! She has worked with our son for many years through injuries and pains as a multi-sport athlete. Sarah’s approach is very personable and genuine… a very warm and trusting environment. She is concerned for the whole of her clients’ well being. Her ability to diagnose and offer solutions to chronic/acute injuries or pain is simply fantastic! Truthfully she is the first person we recommend!

Rob & Lori


I’ve been seeing Sarah for MAT for the past three years.  The results are immediate and the healing builds each visit.  She’s so gifted and [her Muscle Activation Techniques are] an easy yes for more range of motion!

Erin L.

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Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and Athletic Traininer Sarah Gheen working on a client for physical therapy and rehabilitation

What Can Muscle Activation Techniques Do For You?

All of our bodies go through life’s wear and tear. That’s why anyone can benefit from MAT’s detailed evaluation and treatment process that addresses the root cause of pain, injury and dysfunction to:

  • Relieve Chronic Pain
  • Support Injury Recovery
  • Restore Movement and Function
  • Gain Muscle Strength
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Reduce Risk of Future Injury

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