Exercise Physiologist and uscle Activation Specialist Sara Durham for physical therapy and rehabilitation like services.

Sara has worked in health and fitness for over 17 years. As an MAT Master Specialist and ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, she’s passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals through physical activity and injury prevention.

Sara first experienced MAT for herself in 2006. After years of injuries playing competitive volleyball, and many other treatments, a colleague showed her just how much MAT could help. She knew she wanted to share these benefits with her own clients.

At the time, with her degree in Physical Education and Corporate Fitness emphasis, Sara was working in the corporate realm doing personal training, group fitness classes, and coaching individuals to live a healthy life. She saw the biggest obstacle that prevented her clients from reaching their goals was pain and injuries from rigorous exercise and strains of daily life.

With her MAT certification in hand, she created Muscular Synergy, a health-based practice dedicated to improving your quality of life through health, wellness and injury prevention. Today her commitment to helping others continues with her practice, coaching youth volleyball and pursuing MATRx.

What Sara’s Clients Say

Sara worked wonders on me. I went to [her] for back pain, again after rotator cuff surgery when I was still very tight from physical therapy, and now whenever I need adjustments. Her therapy is strategic and helps align your whole body. I’m shocked at how the little movements she performs result in such big changes and muscles working correctly. I got relief for my back, shoulder, hip and leg issues and became more aware when muscles aren’t working correctly. Amazing!!

Sherry S.

I was so impressed by Sara’s ability to listen and almost immediately pinpoint patterns that need to be addressed [back, shoulder, hip pain]. She pays acute attention to my body during our sessions and without me saying a word, she can tell when I’m feeling something strange or “off.” She takes feedback exceptionally well and quickly pivots treatments as needed. My results are strengthened core, more flexibility, reduced pain, more physical awareness and stamina. I am so thankful for Sara!

Kristie P.

I thought [Muscle Activation Techniques] would not do much for my back pain as I was seeing a massage therapist frequently and was expecting something similar. The treatment is simple but is effective. I had very good results. The method Sara uses is very helpful.

Jeff C.

I was suffering from nagging muscular pain/tighness impacting my activity level. Sara has consistently addressed a number of issues and allowed me to continue running, golf and tennis, etc. From her treatment, I feel I recover from workouts faster and am less prone to injuries. [MAT] seems subtle but effective in identifying and correcting muscular imbalances. Sara has a deep knowledge in the muscular system and MAT for the whole body.

Andrew C.

With off/on shoulder and back pain, I’ve had wonderful results [with MAT]. Sara takes the time to really assess with a description of symptoms, target areas and movement/mobility. I’ve been most surprised to have quick results. I know this can be a recurring situation, but Sara really caters to each individual.

Mary F.

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Muscle Activation Specialist and Exercise Physiologist Sara Durham practicing therapy on a client

What Can Muscle Activation Techniques Do For You?

All of our bodies go through life’s wear and tear. That’s why anyone can benefit from MAT’s detailed evaluation and treatment process that addresses the root cause of pain, injury and dysfunction to:

  • Relieve Chronic Pain
  • Support Injury Recovery
  • Restore Movement and Function
  • Gain Muscle Strength
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Reduce Risk of Future Injury

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